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KIDs Sport

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

KIDs Sport 「幼童運動小組」

Kids Sport 主要針對 小朋友 大小肌肉、平衡力 的成長訓練。

從小朋友正確爬行開始,因為很多大朋友都會忽視了爬行的重要性,急著要小朋友開步走,卻忘記了爬行是小朋友 #腦部發展 的最重要一環。


透過多元化活動 (投擲、滾動等等),來 訓練手眼協調、大小肌肉發展、平衡力 和 呼吸訓練。同時增強兒童體能及強化抵抗力。



Class A: Junior Baby



Focus on moving skills, bouncing, throwing, catching skills through games. GET the kids Wiggle Wiggle! 

Class B: Intermediate level

對象:15 - 24個月


It is included all the elementary level skills practice. Also, we will challenge ourselves more, kids will learn kicking skills. Get into more complicated obstacle games. 

Class C: Advance level


孩子們可以進行更多的比賽和運動。不僅是練習初級和中級的技能水平。我們將探索網球技巧,橄欖球技巧與遊戲! 一步一步培養運動的興趣和良好的基礎技能。

Kids gear up for more games and sports. In advance level which is not just practicing elementary and intermediate level skills. We will explore tennis skills, rugby skills with games !

Step by step. Develop interest and good foundation skills in SPORT.

"KidsSport are important to your child because it will later become helpful of the child development. 

The program gives your child the maximum opportunity to move, make sounds or speaking, and use different part of their bodies. 

Through this program, parents also learn how to create playful times with their kids in order to help their child development in different aspects."

                                                                                                                                  from Anthony, 



星期三/四 14:00 - 15:00

星期六 10:30 - 11:30


$880 / 4堂*(試堂), $2400/ 12堂, $4320/24堂**


$960 / 4堂*(試堂), 2640/ 12堂, $4800/24堂**

*出席証書 乙張 (完成4堂)
**等級畢業証書 乙張 (完成24 堂)

講師: Mr. Anthony Yan *英語授課

BSc(Sport Studies) Liverpool Hope University College, UK

USPTR Certified Tennis Instructor

HKTA Certified Mini Tennis Coach

AIFC Certified Football Lv1 Coach

EVA Lv1 Volleyball Coach

Former Auxiliary Medical Services Member(First Aid, DMA Qualification)

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